Senior Care Baltimore

Senior Care Baltimore consists of a number of services designed to assist older Baltimore residents and their caregivers. Housing, finance and medical programs ensure that senior members of society receive proper care. Programs are designed to give caregivers an active role.

Residential programs under Senior Care Baltimore include Senior Assisted Living. The program offers supervised activities combined with onsite healthcare resources. Specialized residences provide independence within a senior-friendly environment. Georgetown University Hospital offers home care services to assist seniors living independently. Arrange for nurse visits, meal and health equipment delivery through the program. The Baltimore Department of health offers a comprehensive listing of area nursing facilities. Find additional information in the Baltimore Caregivers Guide for Housing Resources.

Healthcare options available under Senior Care Baltimore include Medicaid waivers. Seniors receive financial assistance to continue living at home instead of a nursing home or assisted living facility. Waivers cover personal care assistance, respite care, and emergency response. The Baltimore Office on Aging provides Health Insurance Counseling for senior residents. Caregivers can learn additional information about Baltimore Healthcare options for senior residents in the Baltimore. Caregivers Guide for Healthcare.

Senior Care Baltimore offers a number of transportation services. Receive discounted fares on public transportation with special identification. Apply online for senior fare ID cards. The city has handicapped transportation services for seniors with limited mobility. Taxicabs and limousine services are also readily available throughout the city.

Baltimore American Association of Retired Persons Legal Counsel For The Elderly offers assistance with will and estate planning. Consult with any of the area Elder Law experts for legal advice. Services at the Elder and Disability Law Center assist with medicaid applications and address legal issues pertaining to Alzheimer's disease.

Contact Capital Caring for information on end-of-life planning. The organization provides counseling on living with illness, symptom management and pain relief. Services at Capital Caring are available to all, regardless of financial resources. The city also has a comprehensive guide of home care and hospice facilities.

Baltimore Senior Care Resources