Senior Care in Denver

Many senior citizens do not require a full-time live-in nurse but because of mobility issues or other personal concerns would like to have a live-in companion. Finding a reliable, friendly live-in companion is possible, but there are some considerations to keep in mind.

Once you identify a likely candidate, you need to schedule an interview. You should interview each applicant in person. If you conduct the interviews in your own home, consider having someone come to your home to assist you. An unscrupulous applicant might try to take advantage of you while you are alone, and having a companion nearby will help ensure your safety. If you do not click with a candidate, you do not have to hire them, even if they seem qualified. In order to have a good relationship with your live-in companion, you need to find someone you like. You might have to conduct a few interviews before you find the right person for the job.

It is important that you check references before you agree to hire someone. Require applicants to provide references from previous employers, and call those employers to find out how the applicant performed in previous jobs.

The best way to avoid conflict with your new live-in care provider is to make your expectations clear from the start. Let your live-in assistant know what you want them to do. They should have a clear understanding of their daily duties. You should also let them know what behaviors and activities will not be tolerated. If the arrangement is just not working out, you might have to replace your at home care giver with a new one. However, if you conduct interviews and make your expectations clear, you should be able to find reliable competent care.

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