Senior Care Detroit

The city of Detroit has over 700,000 residents. The metropolitan area is home to more than four million citizens. Of those in the city, over ten percent are over the age of 65. There is a proven need for senior care services in metro Detroit, and a trained population of professional care givers stand by ready to assist the area’s elderly citizens in their activities of daily living, and in helping them reach their full potential every day through compassionate, attentive care.

Professional, qualified senior care providers in Detroit possess the necessary basic nursing care skills to help clients comply with the treatment plans prescribed by their health care providers. This includes the ability to change dressings, assist in physical therapy exercise regimens, positioning skills, and administering most medications according to schedule. Range of motion exercises, gait assistance, and incentive spirometry protocols all fall within the skill sets possessed by qualified senior care providers.

Equally important, professional care providers provide companionship and stability throughout the day, with attention to a client’s particular needs and abilities. Senior care providers are not employed to be servants. Instead, they are active partners who collaborate with a client to achieve daily lifestyle goals despite limitations. As trained para-professionals, care providers monitor progress and make recommendations to licensed health care staff based on their regular observations. Empathy and mutual respect between care taker and client ensures that elderly Detroit residents receive the attention and assistance they need to make a day enjoyable and meet not only treatment goals, but also personal goals of life satisfaction.

Having a personal care assistant helps elderly clients in Detroit to navigate the protocols prescribed by physicians, as well as supplementing their ability to take care of personal hygiene and essential needs with dignity, assuring adequate nutrition and activity. Whether in a private home, a hospital, a rehabilitation facility, an assisted living setting, or in a hospice situation, senior personal care providers ease the burdens of growing older, and enhance the lifestyle of their clients to the client’s and their family’s satisfaction. Concern is eased with professional assistance in the daily routine.

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