Senior Care Indianapolis

The face of senior care has changed over the years. Generations ago, seniors would be cared for by their grown children. In addition to providing companionship, the adult children also took care of their daily needs such as cooking meals, dressing and transportation. That gradually gave way to nursing homes, assisted living centers and retirement communities. Today, seniors have a range of choices before them. Many seniors want nothing more than to remain in their own home, and senior care services are available to allow them to do that.

Home care for seniors is about more than just assisting with daily living needs. In addition to helping seniors change their clothes and prepare meals, home health aides can also help seniors bath and move around the house. Light cleaning is part of the service, as well as monitoring some health conditions. Whether you require the services of an aide, a skilled nurse or a combination of the two depends on your medical condition. However, most seniors can stay in their own with some assistance, if that is what they desire.

Some families still prefer the idea of living under one roof. If you are moving your parent in with your own family, home health care aides can alleviate the burden of daily care. Families in Indianapolis caring for seniors can turn the daily care requirements over to an agency, allowing them to simply enjoy whatever time they have with their loved one. Rather than coming home from work and having to help their parent with a bath, or tending to a healing wound, they can simply sit down and enjoy a conversation.

In addition to home health aides for daily care, senior care in Indianapolis should also include help with yard work, clearing away the snow in the winter and housekeeping. Having someone come in to clean the refrigerator and wash laundry may be all the help a senior really needs. Heavy snow falls can cause problems for seniors in Indianapolis in the wintertime, but hiring a snow removal service can eliminate that concern. With some basic assistance and carefully planning, seniors can stay in their home throughout their golden years.

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