Senior Care Jacksonville

The sunny beaches of Florida sound like a great a place to retire. Good senior care in Jacksonville is easy to come by as long as you know exactly what you are looking for. There are many different kinds of care facilities so the kind you are looking for will depend upon the state of the senior. Seniors are typically classified as anyone over the age of 65 but we all know that there is a significant difference beyond age.

A senior care facility can hold many different generations of people within their care. Think of someone who is 65 and another who is 95. That’s a thirty year age difference. While generation gaps lessen with age, it’s important to know who your neighbors are so you know if you are going to like a certain facility or not.

The chances of a 65 year old and a 95 year old being on the same level of independence are unlikely. This is why senior care is divided between independent living, assisted living and nursing care. Depending upon how much a person can fend for themselves will determine on which one you will be choosing. If the senior is looking to be in the care of others simply as peace of mind for everyone around them, an independent or assisted living facility may be plenty sufficient.

As you look into different care facilities within the category you have chosen, you will notice that there are many styles. You should be able to find good senior care by looking at several different things.

First, look at the residence itself. What kind of room are you getting and at what price? There are many different options for senior care and some offer larger living spaces than others.

Second, look at what kind of care is provided. There are some facilities that have registered nurses on premises all the time while others only have home health aides and certified nurse’s assistants. The level of care the senior needs will ultimately depend on this information.

Third, find out what else is offered. Many senior care centers in Jacksonville offer shopping, dining, and even field trips to local farmers markets, beaches and other attractions. Others simply have in-house entertainment every night. It’s important to know what you’re getting so you know what to expect once you move your senior in.


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