Senior Care New York City

The Department for the Aging handles senior care in New York City. New York Magazine featured a story describing how city amenities make New York one of the best places for senior citizens. Residents have access to a variety of benefits, including specialized healthcare and residential locations.

Services under senior care New York City include social security, veteran’s benefits, public assistance, three Medicare savings programs and reduced transportation fares. Present a Medicaid or Reduced Fare Metrocard to receive discounted transportation rates. Apply for the Metrocard at the Metropolitan Transit Authority customer service center. If you need to find a Medicaid Consultants in the NYC area, please use our Senior Care Advisor tool.

Under senior care New York City, staff at long-term residential facilities assists individuals with daily tasks including bathing and dressing. Visiting physicians provide on-site healthcare services. Clients must be able to transport themselves from a bed to a chair to live in a residential facility.

Additional residential programs provide housekeeping and meal delivery service to seniors living independently. Discounted rental rates in senior public housing is also available. Under senior care New York City, homeowners and renters receive a tax credit equal to the total amount paid in rental fees or property taxes for the previous year.

The Home Advantage Heating Program helps seniors pay fuel and utility bills. Weatherization assistance replaces doors and windows. Damaged furnaces and roofs are also repaired under the program. The New York City information hotline, 311, has detailed information on all home assistance programs.

The New Health Insurance Information Counseling Assistance Program (HIICAP) has detailed information on senior care New York City health benefits. Counselors answer questions dealing with Medicare issues, prescription drug information and long term care insurance. Services are provided free-of-charge.

Computer labs provide free access to the internet and provide a cool retreat during hot summer months. Foster grandparent organizations allow seniors to serve as mentors and role models within the community. Employment services provide training and connect qualified seniors with local employers. Senior care New York City provides residents with an abundance of socialization activities.

New York City Senior Care Resources