Senior Care Philadelphia

Oftentimes the senior years can pose a period of challenge to both the elderly and family members. However, there are a range of services available for senior care in Philadelphia that is readily accessible. These services include healthcare, housing, legal, financial and caregivers’ support.

Many seniors prefer to live at home in a familiar environment that provides some independence. As a home-based senior, you may benefit from waiver and options programs as well as the Living Independently for Elders Program to assist with a number of services based on your financial needs.

One of the popular services for the elderly who live at home and who need to socialize or to have a safe place to stay during the daytime is the Adult Day Services. These provide a range of programs, including personal care, medical support, social and counseling services and recreational activities.

Sometimes it may not be possible for seniors to remain at home, however there are other housing options that are available in Philadelphia. These may include assisted living for those who do not need nursing home care but they are unable to live alone and would need help with activities for daily living. The elderly who require 24-hour care and skilled nursing can utilize nursing homes and those who have financial resources and are in better health may benefit from the continuing care retirement community housing. Other special housing alternatives for senior care in Philadelphia include domiciliary care, personal care boarding homes and subsidized housing.

As a senior homeowner, you may receive assistance with your utilities, home repairs and modifications, mortgages and insurance through special programs provided. Other helpful senior care services available in Philadelphia include legal assistance through special subcontractors on matters such as probate, entitlements and benefits and consumer protection. Protective services for neglected and abused seniors, including intervention and crisis resolution are also provided by a special state agency.

Caregivers may also benefit from senior care in Philadelphia through programs that address respite care allowing you time to rest and work; family caregiver support, counseling and education and resources listings on senior care services.

Philadelphia Senior Care Resources