Senior Care in Phoenix

Careful financial planning for the senior years means having the money to enjoy retirement, freedom from monetary burdens as incomes decline and removing stress from family members. This same foresight needs to be applied to your living arrangements. Making decisions ahead of time about your future care can ensure that you're taken care of without becoming a burden to your loved ones.

It's understood that, as you age, you face physical changes. These changes often present challenges to your lifestyle that will need to be overcome by a change in living arrangement or some form of assistance. Although it's impossible to anticipate exactly what challenges you'll face, thinking ahead allows you to live life to the fullest without compromising hard-earned savings or over reliance on family members.

The options for living a full life in your senior years are numerous. You can choose neighborhoods that are "senior friendly," join a retirement community or relocate to an assisted living center. Neighborhoods designed for senior living often have shopping centers nearby and are located close to medical facilities. They also feature centers of recreation and entertainment. Retirement communities often go further by offering services such as grounds maintenance and housekeeping, transportation to medical appointments and even meal preparation and delivery. One of the most common challenges as you age is mobility. An assisted living facility can be the best choice if you find yourself limited in your ability to move comfortably within your home or engage in routine tasks. Assisted living centers provide the assistance while allowing residents to maintain independence and engage in a full social life.

Phoenix has long been considered a prime retirement location and offers the full range of services for senior living and care. The Phoenix community has grown very accommodating of senior citizens. There are over 130 retirement communities and close to 300 home health care service providers within the greater Phoenix. There are over 100 assisted living centers, as well.

Planning ahead for where and how you will live in your later years keeps you in charge of your life and reduces the number of decisions left to family members.

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