What Senior Care in Seattle Includes?

Senior care in Seattle doesn’t have to be a mundane hospital setting with nurses walking everywhere. There are plenty of places that have beautiful views of the Seattle landscapes and views of the Space Needle. You just have to look for them.

Seniors are just like everyone else. They may need a little extra assistance, but they still want quality. There are many senior care facilities that forget about this. When you are looking for senior care, you want to make sure that the quality is still there.

Quality can encompass many things. This should cover the room or residence first and foremost. The kitchen should be well designed with quality cabinets and such. If the unit is furnished, the best should be comfortable and so should the couch. These are things that are important, especially when a senior is giving up their independence for the first time.

Another important aspect to quality should be the quality of living. No one wants to give up freedom to simply sit and stare at a television all day. That would a really hard sell. Many senior care facilities in Seattle offer plenty of things to keep busy with. Entertainment, shopping and even field trips throughout Seattle can be part of a regular week. These are things that a senior can look forward to that even living independently they may not get to do.

Finally, there is the quality of the healthcare. There have been legal cases on the news for years because of mistreatment. While you think of senior care in Seattle you don’t want to consider these things, they should still be given some thought. Check out the quality of care that the senior is going to be receiving. How far away is the care center from where they will be staying? Are the nurses friendly?


The only way to find out what senior care in Seattle truly includes as well as the quality is by checking out multiple facilities. Tour the facilities, ask questions and see everything first-hand. It will only be after seeing these things that you can determine which facility is the best one for you or your loved one.

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