Senior Care Arizona

The state of Arizona has long been known as a haven for retirees. With its growing population of senior citizens, the need for health care providers who provide services to the elderly has increased. While there are many agencies that offer medical services, potential patients need to be aware of the pitfalls that exist when choosing a reliable, certified, professional to assist with their daily health care needs. Qualified senior care specialists have advanced training to deal with the needs of Arizona’s senior citizens.

Senior care providers include physicians, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, medical assistants, patient care technicians, and home health aides. The level of intervention required is determined by the patient’s needs, and a plan of care is prescribed and monitored by a licensed health care professional. Registered nurses devise appropriate strategies for patients through regular consultations to track progress, and to identify any other co-existing medical issues. Assistants and technicians then deliver the necessary care, providing the most interaction between patient and care team.

A patient care technician or home health aide has received specific training in order to be certified to deliver necessary care therapies. They interact with the patients according to a regularly set schedule. They may work actively with the patient on a daily basis, or visit more infrequently, depending on the patient’s level of independence. Aides are trained in basic medical principles, including first aid, wound management, physical therapy, incentive spirometry, medication administration, and basic evaluation and management skills. As the eyes and ears of the rest of the health care team, aides report on a patient’s daily progress and alert nurses and physicians of any changes.

Compassion and empathy are important attributes for senior care providers. Patients often dislike having an intrusion into their routine, at first. With time, a partnership forms between provider and patient as they go about the exercises and therapies prescribed. As health improves or is stabilized, and as an ongoing rapport is developed, a senior care provider becomes a valuable asset in patients’ lives. It is a rewarding career to bring improved health and function to Arizona seniors.

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