Senior Care California

Seniors living in California have many places they can go online to find information about money management, medical issues, housing, employment and volunteerism opportunities and other senior issues. Of the online choices seniors have at their disposal, the one of the most comprehensive and easy to use is the website, an excellent place for seniors and their caregivers to access an array of services and information. On its homepage, the site features sections that make it easy to find local services, general information on senior issues like Home Health Care, Senior Housing and health issues like Alzheimer’s Disease, and information for adult seniors with disabilities.

Among the other resources on the site are financial calculators, designed to assist seniors and their finances in their efforts to plan out financing for their housing and medical needs.

Our products and services tab contains information for professionals near your area that provide various products and services for the elderly including information about a Home Delivered Meal Program, Insurance Plans, and Assisted Transportation Programs.

Additional information for professionals can also be found in our Articles section which features information on many services and issues pertaining to the aging population.

California Senior Care Resources