Senior Care Florida

Snowbirds and permanent residents of Florida know the value of good health care. As the Sunshine State’s elderly population continues to grow, the demand for reliable, compassionate senior health care grows with it. Gerontology is the medical specialty that focuses on diseases that affect the elderly. A qualified health care team is able to offer appropriate intervention to stabilize and promote each patient’s current health status for maximum, beneficial effect. As people age and their faculties start to show signs of wear and tear, there is no substitute for professional care that is provided in a professional manner.

Senior health care is overseen by a licensed physician who specialized in elderly care. Senior citizens are then prescribed a therapeutic regimen attended to by a team of registered nurses, licensed social workers, and certified patient care technicians or home health aides, depending on the setting and the patient’s particular needs. There is no one overall treatment plan that applies to all senior patients. Each patient has his or her own requirements and needs, and treatment plans are designed with the individual in mind.

By receiving individualized care, patients are engaged in improving their own health and establishing a higher quality of life than they would achieve on their own. After successfully completing their course of study, senior care aides are prepared for a gamut of situations and emergencies. They are trained in basic nursing care and physical therapy. They are also trained in first aid and wound management. Basic medical assessment and evaluation skills are employed during each encounter to monitor the patient’s progress and any changes in overall health status. Under the oversight of more highly trained medical professionals, care is delivered as prescribed, whether it is a pharmaceutical regimen, blood glucose monitoring, nutrition therapy, or passive range of motion exercises.

By actively partnering with patients, the senior health care team works to promote overall wellness with an attitude of respect and compassion. One size does not fit all, and each patient is treated as an individual, with the goal of increasing independence and the quality of a healthy life.

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