Senior Care Illinois

While around sixty-five percent of Illinois residents live in the Chicago metropolitan area, a need for senior health care services is acute in the rest of the Land of Lincoln. Professionals who deliver health care services to senior citizens in Illinois are aware of the diverse needs of the population they serve. Whatever setting in which health care is needed, specialized protocols are tailored to assist with activities of daily living to stabilize and promote the current health status of the elderly in Illinois. Knowing when to request appropriate support and intervention is the key to receiving medically necessary services to ensure improved quality of life.

Health care services are provided to the elderly based on their personal, medical needs. More independent patients require less oversight from a licensed physician and a health care team. Persons in assisted living facilities, or in their own homes, who have limited mobility or cognitive deficits, require more active interaction with the health care team. When a patient receives senior care, no matter in what setting, it is prescribed and monitored by a licensed physician, who devised the plan of care. This plan is carried out through the assistance of registered nurses, licensed social workers, and certified patient care technicians or aides. No matter what level of service is needed, patients benefit from being actively engaged and encouraged to promote their current health status.

Home health aides are trained in basic nursing techniques, including wound assessment, dressing changes, basic patient assessment, and first aid. They are also trained in physical therapy and mobility assistance, being able to adjust durable medical equipment such as walkers or wheelchairs for maximum efficiency for their beneficiaries. Assistance with general activities of daily living, like dressing, ambulating, and meal preparation, fall within the scope of a professional senior care aide. With mutual respect and compassion, senior care providers improve their patients‘ lifestyles by actively assisting in sticking to doctor’s orders regarding medication administration and exercise. Passive and active range of motion exercises promote overall physical health, and the companionship of a trained professional lends insight into the healing process.

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