Senior Care Massachusetts

Massachusetts has long been known for having a progressive and effective health care system. It is the first state to enact universal health care, and the elderly population of the Bay State is well served by the many agencies and physicians who make Massachusetts home. There are a plethora of options for senior citizens looking for senior care to improve their lives and current health status. Knowing what to look for will allow potential patients to avoid services that are not medically necessary.

While medical insurance is required in Massachusetts, there is no guarantee that senior care will be covered by commercial insurance, by Medicare, or by MassHealth, the state’s version of Medicaid. Only services that are used to stabilize or promote a patient’s current health status are considered necessary and eligible for reimbursement. Without a qualified physician’s prescription and oversight, any expenses incurred for senior care will be borne by the patient out of his or her own pocket. It is in the patient’s best interest to consult with his or her primary care provider to determine if ongoing senior care services are required, and at what scope.

Health care for the elderly employs a number of disciplines specialized in gerontology. Registered nurses and licensed clinical social workers work with patients to develop specific strategies according to recognizable needs and personal limitations. A plan of care is tailored to the patient’s health status and personal care aides enact the prescriptions of the physician under the guidance of nurses and social workers. Intervention may include personal care assistance, such as hygiene, dressing, meal preparation and feeding, and assistance with moving and positioning. Personal care aides also monitor compliance with prescribed pharmaceutical therapies, ensuring patients take their medications when they are supposed to, in the right dosage and via the correct route of administration.

Basic nursing and assessment skills are part of a home health aide’s and patient care technician’s repertoire. By practicing their professional skills on a regularly basis, aides and technicians are active partners with patients, promoting greater mobility and interaction with a focus on improving health and longevity.

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