Senior Care Michigan

Michigan is a unique state, formed by upper and lower peninsulas. Where a senior citizen lives may determine how much access he or she has to health care services that are tailored to the elderly and their unique needs. Having competent and professional senior care is a quality of life issue for many people, whether they live in urban or rural areas of the state. Finding appropriate, qualified senior care should be taken under the advise and counsel of a licensed primary care provider. Not all senior care is covered by commercial insurance policies or government programs such as Medicare and Medicaid. Like any health care, senior care is only a covered benefit when it is deemed medically necessary by third party payers. When a physician or nurse practitioner identifies a medical need for senior care, that care will normally fall within the scope of a patient’s covered benefits.

Senior health care is prescribed by a licensed physician or nurse practitioner to improve or stabilize a patient’s current health status. It serves a therapeutic need to counteract disease processes and decrease the chances of further disability. By designing a care plane tailored to each particular patient’s needs, customized health care is delivered to senior citizens on a regularly scheduled basis to beneficial effect. This eases the worries of patients and their families, as care is delivered efficiently and professionally by trained technicians.

The senior health care team is composed of individuals with specialized training to diagnose and treat conditions that affect the elderly. Senior citizens have unique needs, whether they receive senior care in an assisted living setting, or in the confines of their own home. Appropriate, medical intervention is determined by a case manager, and it is then delivered by a staff of certified patient care technicians or home health aides.

Technicians and aides have a solid training in anatomy and physiology, basic nursing care, pharmacology, first aid, and physical therapy. By using their professional skills effectively and with compassion, technicians and aides work together with the patients under their care to promote wellness, physical activity, and interpersonal stimulation.

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