Senior Care Missouri

Whatever a person did as an occupation as a younger man or woman, they often find a need for health care tailored to senior citizens as they get up in years. What is true everywhere in the world, is just as true in Missouri. Missouri senior care is on par with the services provided to elderly citizens elsewhere in the country. Attentive and compassionate, professional care is readily available for those who need it. Senior care is a specialty that is comprised of a number of related disciplines, starting with primary health care.

An elderly patient’s family physician will be able to recognize a medical need for ongoing senior care. Once that need is established, a plan of treatment is devised and prescribed, to be carried out by an appropriate agency of the patient’s choosing. Registered nurse case managers and licensed social workers will complete personalized assessments to identify a patient’s specific needs. With their input, strategies and protocols are directed to patient care technicians and home health aides to carry out therapeutic exercises and routines for the patient’s benefit.

Elderly patients are active partners in their ongoing health care. Through thorough instruction and practice, patient’s learn how to cope with current limitations to overcome them. Active assistance is provided on a regular basis by technicians and aides who are trained in basic nursing care and first aid procedures. Prescription medications are monitored to ensure that they are taken as intended, at the right time, at the right dose, by the right route. By being professional caretakers with responsibility for their patient’s overall health, family members and friends are assured that technicians and aides are delivering effective therapeutic modalities with only the patient’s best interests in mind.

The goal of senior care is to stabilize or improve an elderly patient’s current health status. Senior care is covered by most commercial insurance policies, as well as by government programs such as Medicare and Medicaid when prescribed by a licensed physician or other qualified authority. Good senior care can add years of life, independence, and enjoyment without needlessly hampering individual lifestyle

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