Senior Care Nebraska

Nebraska’s unique demographics and geography make it a difficult market in which to find adequate senior health care, but it is not impossible. Agencies exist in every county and every health care market within the Cornhusker State. Finding an appropriate senior care agency is relatively simple. Every local hospital or social work office will have contacts regarding what resources are available in the area. Once a need is recognized, senior citizens should consult with their primary health care provider for a thorough assessment of their personal medical needs and limitations to determine a course of action.

Once a licensed physician or qualified nurse practitioner has identified that medically necessary senior care is required to benefit their patient’s health, he or she will prescribe a plan of ongoing care to improve, or at least stabilize, the patient’s health. A team of qualified will then make further assessments and put the prescribed therapeutic regimen into play. No one care plan is suitable for every patient. Each individual is unique based on their medical condition, and medical and mental limitations. A personally tailored care plan will bring the most positive benefits to patients who require senior care services.

Patient care technicians carry out a doctor’s orders in assisted living and rehabilitative settings. Home health aides provide senior care in private homes. Both professions require advanced training and certification governed by Nebraska statutes. Each has a solid grounding in anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, basic nursing care, wound management, physical therapy, and first aid. Routine care and emergency interventions are within the scope of a patient care technician’s and a home health aide’s professional practice.

By utilizing active listening and patient evaluation techniques, technicians and aides work in partnership with their patients in an atmosphere of mutual respect and professional understanding. By assisting patients with activities of daily living and attending to chronic and acute health care needs, overall, constitutional health improves, and the complications of ongoing medical conditions can be reduced or reversed. Elderly patients benefit from the ongoing, regular, compassionate intervention of senior care, and it is easy to obtain after physician consultation.

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