Financial Calculators

Our financial calculators are provided to give a quick and easy understanding of the different opportunities and scenarios you're evaluating.  Use this great resource to help you understand your situation and better plan for the future.  For best results, please make sure you Allow Pop-Ups while using these calculators.


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During stressful situations, we recommend that you don't try to be your own financial planner, accountant, etc., but instead consult with our GeriCareFinder Advisory Resources for the help you may need.


Health Savings Account (HSA) vs. Traditional Health Plan:


Compare a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) with a Health SavingsAccount (HSA) to a Traditional Health Plan (THP).
 Life Expectancy Calculator: This calculator can give you an idea of your life expectancy based on your current age, smoking habits, gender and several other important lifestyle choices.

Life Insurance Planner:


How much life insurance do you really need? Find out here!

Long Term Care Calculator:


This calculator can help you determine if you are financially prepared for this impending expense.

Retirement Income Planning:


Use this calculator to determine how much monthly income your retirement savings may provide you in your retirement.

Retirement Savings Shortfall:


Running out of your retirement savings too soon is one of the biggest risks to a comfortable retirement. Use this calculator to find a potential shortfall in your current retirement savings plan.

Reverse Mortgage:


This calculator is specifically designed to show you how the outstanding balance of a reverse mortgage can rapidly grow over a period of time.

Social Security Benefits:


Use this calculator to estimate your Social Security benefits.

Traditional IRA Savings:


How can contributing to a regular IRA help you in your retirement?
 Variable Annuity Planning:  Use this calculator to see how a Variable Annuity might fit into your retirement plan.


Please note that all financial calculators require a browser that can display JavaTM applets. For best results please use Explorer 5 and higher, Netscape Navigator 7 and higher, Macintosh Safari or Modzilla FireFox 1.0 and higher.